Some foreign clients wish to realize real estate investments in France.
Buildings for rental or resale, long-term investments in industrial real estate.

Our Partner in this sector, is the most important Cabinet of Architects in the North of Paris, 5 Architects accompanied by a team of 20 people.


The role of: Sourcing-Office. M.C.F.E. East :
Analyze the customer’s request and from this one to study the different opportunities coming within the framework of their request.
To study feasibility.

To make the profitability study.
To carry out the research of land in the different cities likely to suit the needs of the investors, in agreement with them and the firm of Architects.
To set up contracts between the various parties involved in the development of the project.
To take care of the different administrative procedures in collaboration with the stakeholders.
To participate in the choices of the selected companies, as well as the various stakeholders.
To collaborate with the bank of financiers and to follow the need to unblock funds from the various stakeholders, depending on the progress of the work.
Ensure proper coordination between investors and providers.